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A thought provoking show from COP-22, with a title that does not mince words, and poses the question, “Is it game over for the climate?” ...

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Game Over for the Climate?

Our most popular ClimateMatters.TV show from COP-22, here we discuss the changes in the Arctic with renowned Ocean Physicist Dr. Peter Wadhams of Cam...

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A Farewell to Arctic Ice

In the ‘Population’ Climate Matters Show, from COP-22 in Marrakesh, Morocco, we explore the thorny question of population and its interact...

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Here is an interview we did with Rob Hopkins, founder of the international Transition Movement. It was conducted during COP-21 in Paris. Our thanks t...

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Rob Hopkins Interview

This ClimateMatters.TV show is a conversation with Chanusnan Kajornphuwapong about a remarkable tree which he has bred, and the multi-facted negative ...

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Emissions Zero Global

This ClimateMatters.TV show is an informed discussion between Mark Jacobson and Kevin Anderson, two top climate scientists who discuss the prospects a...

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May the Force Be With You

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