In this ClimateMatters.TV show, James Hansen, known as the ‘grandfather of the climate change movement’, speaks truth to power.  Dr. Hansen was the Director of NASA’s Goddard Institute of Earth & Space Science in NewYork City (until then-president George W. Bush had the ‘Earth’ removed from the title).  He famously resigned the position in 2013, after 3 decades of trying to get the US Government to take action on climate change, saying that he could not both work for and sue the government at the same time.  He is a true hero of our times.  See what he as to say about our current predicament.

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It is important that we understand what is going on in the world if we are to have any chance of saving our children, future generations, and life on Earth.
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2 thoughts on “James Hansen Speaking Truth to Power

  1. The most effective way to immediately correct for pricing of fossil fuels is to simply eliminate all government subsidies for fossil fuels, phased out over a 5-year period. The UN must sanction this in order to prevent lawsuits by the fossil fuel industry against governments. This is precisely the issue surrounding the proposed TPP global trade agreements, which are global corporations trying to forestall the ability of governments to act in the interests of their citizens around the globe. These trade agreements absolutely must not be accepted by countries all over the planet.

    The carbon tax as a remedy can be used in addition to the removal of subsidies to these corporations, which are also escaping taxes in every country by offshoring.

    • Agreed. Phasing out of subsidies is a requirement. But the fossil fuel lobbies are powerful and control the political process in one form or another. It is a huge hypocrisy for heads of the industrialized nations to talk about reducing greenhouse gas emissions while at the same time maintaining those subsidies. That hypocrisy needs to be exposed in no uncertain terms. But the Carbon Tax & Dividend would begin to level the playing field even if it took a while to unseat the subsidies.

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