A thought provoking show from COP-22, with a title that does not mince words, and poses the question, “Is it game over for the climate?”  Here I discuss with renowned Ocean Physicist Dr. Peter Wadhams of Cambridge and his wife and fellow Arctic specialist, Dr. Maria Pia Casarini, the ultimate question.  Is it already too late to prevent catastrophic, runaway climate change?

The current state of feedbacks suggest that we may already be past the ‘tipping points’, or to say it another way, over the threshold of the runaway state and accelerating down that slippery slope.  While this 22 minute video cannot establish a categorical answer to that question, it certainly puts the question in the front of your mind where it should be, rather than somewhere in the back.

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It is important that we understand what is going on in the world if we are to have any chance of saving our children, future generations, and life on Earth.
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