This ClimateMatters.TV show features Rev. Sally Bingham, Founder & President of Interfaith Power & Light, whose Regeneration Project has over 18,000 congregations of a wide variety of religions as members, seeking to teach and preach about climate change and better environmental stewardship. Joining Rev. Bingham is Prof. Paul Beckwith, climate change researcher and educator, with the Geography Department of the University of Ottawa. Our show also features an amazing ‘rap’ by Baba Brinkman on his hip-hop interpretation of Pope Francis’ Encyclical, Laudato Si, and the Tweeting that has been coming from the Vatican this year. Wonderful, artful, thoughtful entertainment.

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It is important that we understand what is going on in the world if we are to have any chance of saving our children, future generations, and life on Earth.
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5 thoughts on “Moral Obligation – Scientific Imperative

  1. Great work here. God Bless. I would like to see/know more concerning the El Nino and its effects on aspects of our climate already changing. Specifically, the area of the eastern Pacific from Alaska to California that is heating as well.
    Also, more on methane – the world needs this knowledge.

    • Thanks for watching, and your encouraging words. Please watch all the ClimateMatters.TV shows and share them by email, social media, etc. We will only improve our future prospects when enough people understand enough to not let governments get away with the ‘business as usual’ that is crashing the ecology of the Earth.

  2. Wonderful point from Rev. Sally Bingham, that the pull of moral action is inherently human. Religions articulate and focus that motivation. Religions do not so much “inculcate” morality as remind us of our own deep humanity, and challenge us to fully become who we are.

    • Lots of good points throughout this and other Climate Matters Shows. Our guests were very deep thinkers and movers. Thanks for your watching and sharing.

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